We're Yoga Atelier, a creative hub that loves to learn, collaborate, move & breathe.

YA was created as a heart station for community. A collective for the things we love, yoga, walks, herbs, food, art, people, chocolate, sound, dance, mindfulness, meditation.

Immerse in a combination of exceptional sensory experiences, in new settings, as an inner communion to learn about ourselves through self enquiry.

Our bodies represent the life we have lived so far, a personal narrative of our history. Kat teaches & practices yoga because it provides a useful tool to sense & feel the way we move & to view & transform the patterns that are no longer useful to us. It is her aim to provide a seed for self-enquiry & greater self-acceptance & compassion.

These aims are based on exploring personal freedom & the willingness & ability to engage with others, with curiosity & fellow compassion.

Her passion for mindful movement, self-enquiry & interoception are the foundation for her sessions.

"Experience is not what happens to a man. It is what a man does with what happens to him" - Aldous Huxley

About The YA BUILDER: Kathryn Fa

Kat started her adult life in the heart of the London art world in the 90’s. Moving to London at barely 19, she followed her passion & immersed herself to work within theatre, opera & later the film industry in the hair & make up scene. Her creativity knew no bounds & her work repertoire extensive. Her endometriosis symptoms became extreme, when working on improving her health she tried yoga out.

Several years later she took an RYT 200 Teacher Training with Tias Little & intensives with Max Strom. She continues to practice under their guidance & is now in the process of completing her RYT 500 Teacher Training.

New & exciting opportunities unfurled before her & through yoga Kat has empowered herself & continues to heal her body. This odyssey to heal has driven her to support health for others, due to experiencing the nourishing effects through a combination of yoga, meditation & nutrition.


Kat's basis of teaching lies in a synthesis of Hatha, Mindful Flow, Iyengar alignment, Qi Gong & Somatic movements. Her classes inspire a greater compassion for the self while cultivating a strong mental & physical practice. 

Kat is passionate in recognizing a fully rounded life combining the things she loves. Life has many layers & as her mum always said “Why limit yourself”. Her own yoga & art practice has taught her that when we bring our whole being into each moment, we have the potential to create, heal, love & be at peace.

Kat is grateful to all her teachers, those who share her sessions & family who continue to guide, inspire & motivate her.

Through motion & breath, moving from the gross to the subtle. 

Let yourself be silently drawn by the
stronger pull of what you really love - Rumi


Katy Neale

Herbalist & Outdoor Adventurer


Micky Modo

Portrait, Fashion Photography Art


Becky Thompson

Rainbow Yoga Teacher
contact: beckythompson81@gmail.com

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Natasha Richardson

A medical herbalist helping people have better periods through natural products and education