I adore travelling and sourcing interesting pieces of clothing, from old to new, to fun prints and embroidered intricate pieces... I came across this little gem from curators Sita & Anjli Shah of S9 Muses...I wanted to keep it secret ... but the cat is out of the bag...






The S9 Muses story

Only 19 months old, S9 Muses launched their website and ecommerce shop in September 2016. Founded by Sita Shah and Anjli Shah – two friends with a knack for style and not being afraid to experiment whilst wearing clothes to suit their personalities – S9 Muses curate collections from new-age, trendsetting, luxury designers who advocate fresh ideas for women from all walks of life. 


This is their story

We call ourselves ‘Curators in fashion’ and most of the collections we stock are specifically made for us by designers based in India. We passionately support ethical fashion, and make sure that these values are shared with the designers we work with. We are proud to associate ourselves with these designers; designers who advocate handcraft in all its forms, such as handwoven textiles, organic fabrics and interesting techniques and silhouettes that represent bygone eras in a modern sensibility.

S9 Muses is all about educating through storytelling and we wanted this to be reflected in everything we do. We hope to offer a different mix of collections that are familiar, yet quirky, and their similarity lies in their production. All handmade, some upcycled, some recycled, adding textures and prints, each with its own story to tell. Our collections are made to be worn daily and evoke that sense of pure satisfaction you get from wearing a beautifully crafted piece.

As Sita says, “Dressing up should always be about making you feel good, regardless of occasion. Build your wardrobe with timeless pieces; garments that have been passed down from generations above and can be passed on to future generations. Let their story unfold.” S9 Muses encourage, “Don’t be afraid of colour; don’t be afraid of prints; for experimentation is always more fun than plain ordinary.”


“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

S9 Muses’ vision is to grow organically, all the while adding new designers to their repertoire; designers who share the same ethos and sensibilities. New collections will be added on a regular basis, showcasing a vast array of techniques used in producing beautiful garments and accessories, whilst ethically supporting the artisans who make the pieces. 


What’s in a name?

S9 refers to Section 9, an area in the quaint yet bustling town of Thika, Kenya, where we both grew up. The number 9 is associated with magic, with completion and fulfilment, with wisdom and heaven. We are both romantics and believe in fairy tales. So, from the mystical nine Muses in Greek mythology, symbolising the goddesses of poetry, art and music, came about the apt reference to the term Muses and, there we have it, S9 Muses was born!


“Upcycling. Recycling. Restyling. Repairing. Each garment has a story to tell; let its story evolve.” – S9 Muses.

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