I’ve been talking to a lot of you at work these last few weeks about painful shoulders and wrists.  For those of you that don't know, I have a day job too, that’s not just yoga. If you work with your hands as I do, as a hair and make up artist, or you’re at a desk attached to a computer (in "deskasana" position: think of a prawn shape) or even spend too much time driving, you'll probably encounter stiffness in your joints. This can lead to repetitive strain, arthritis or carpal tunnel later in life.

What if I told you yoga can help prevent these symptoms by bringing movement and lubrication to the fascia (that’s the connective tissue that holds muscles, organs and bones in place).  So I made a quick vid to help us peeps out... it’s pretty life changing.

All you need to do is this 60 seconds stretch, before work, at your desk or whenever you get a break.  Strengthen and stretch your hands, forearms, wrists and shoulders. 


Make this the habit you don't ever want to break

An apple a day keeps the doctor away!