I look out to the prodigious Santa Fe sky. I got a glimpse into my inner landscape for the first time. Dizzy unsteady at the magnitude.

I realise I’ve got some stuff I needed to attend to. I start to feel and learn about myself. 

I permit myself to listen and empower me. All this happens during my 200hr yoga teacher training. And continues to ripen even today. 

Yoga bolstered to me to make decisions that where not easy in my life.

What I realised was its always coming back to me and my gut feeling. Ultimately listening to myself, whats best for me in a compassionate way towards myself and others. Something I wasn’t plugged in to and pooh poohed for years.

This may be the bravest thing you do

“listen to yourself.”

I know the yoga world is full of over used twaddle and we even forget their true meanings. Like; mindful, compasssionate, gratitude, trueself. It puts me off too when I start to read these Insta slogans. But actually the really important bit is the meaning and guts behind it all. 

I love other activities but the difference for me is this.

The yoga teachings act like a gps navigating with the internal work, shining a light on the good, the bad and the ugly.

Now yoga guides me and simultaniously I use yoga to help me out like eg when I’m feeling stressed and anxious. I can tell by the signals my body is emitting. I know I need to do appropriate meditations and ground myself with asana and focus mostly on my exhales.

 Its like a regulator in my life to help muddle through the things we all have to deal with, relationships, work, family. All that stuff.

Not only asana (physical shapes) but also on a deeper level, to be able to reflect and see what my intentions are? Is this serving me or others? Or what am I lacking at that moment? Or why do I feel hurt or miffed about a certain situation?

To find out the root cause of reactions and thoughts. It dosn’t only help the relationship I have with myself. It also allows me to see my relationship with others compassionately. Yep There goes the C word.

I still mess up and do things I’m not proud of and that’s called being human. It’s not like you get on the yoga band wagon with your golden ticket and you’re exempt from the bullshit. 

For me yoga shows me to not fixate on the outer stuff that ultimately dosn’t really matter ... I hate the way you pick you nose...

And thus see you for you. From the inside.

Connecting to my self allows me to connect with others.

Sometimes I explore and find out, yeah I can do that or I fell over trying and that’s ok, at least I gave it a go and it was fun to try. My mind is clear because I focused on what I was doing. I feel strong physically and mentally. 

Yoga allows me to try out things I’ve held back on.

It is my passion to share with you a space for you to explore and create  potential for present moment experience.  So you too can have tools that serve you in your life.  Make conscious choices right now and in your future.

We are all people, I’m just another person making connections with others and joining the dots in this plaid of life.